FTL Full Truckload

LAC offers cost effective FTL Full Truckload services to transport any type of cargo by truck within North America (Canada, USA and Mexico).

Trucking services play an important role in the transportation of goods and services throughout the country.

Our FTL Full Truckload service

One of the most sought-after and important trucking services is full truckload, also known as FCL. Full truckload delivery is the process of shipping goods via semi-trucks while they occupy the entire truck/trailer and no other goods along with it.

There are two types of FTL Truckload services; direct shipping (without cross-docking) and in-direct shipping (with cross-docking / transloading). Direct shipping is an ideal choice for moving large quantities of goods quickly and with minimal losses or damages that may result from cross-docking.  FTL also allows for goods to reach their destination with fewer or simpler stops than if a less than truckload (LTL) shipping service had been utilized. Awesome isn't it?

When shipping in FTL, companies are responsible for packing their items appropriately, working alongside the carriers to ensure their goods are stacked correctly, and ensuring they are adequately secured in transit and offloaded appropriately upon delivery. Another advantage of full truckload delivery is that goods reach their destination faster than with other shipping methods, with an average lead time of 3-5 days depending on the distance they need to travel.

Because only goods being shipped directly to the same destination occupy the truck, FTL results in less handling and expedites delivery times. This can be beneficial for businesses that need goods to be delivered quickly to their customers or for companies that need to optimize the speed of their supply chain.

Additionally, FTL deliveries offer some of the most secure and undisturbed transportation of goods. The risk of goods being mishandled, damaged, lost, or misplaced is minimized, as goods are loaded onto a truck for a single trip and are handled by fewer personnel. With this kind of service, businesses can rest assured that their shipments will reach their destinations as expected, without delays or issues. Wow! Isn't that great?

Conclusively, full truckload delivery is an ideal option for companies moving large amounts of goods directly to one destination. With its many advantages, including speed, security and low risk of goods being mishandled, FTL is a great option for those looking to optimize their supply chains and ensure their goods reach their desired destinations safe and sound.